Sexual Desire

Different Persuasions


Some people want, some people don’t

Some people like, some people hate

Some say yes, some say no

Some will try, some might not


Some are young, some more mature

Some are new, some are tried

Some are similar, some are different

Some experiment, some the same


Some like hear, some like touch

Some like smell, some like taste

Some like natural, some like flavour

Some want conventional, some variety


Some like male, some like female

Some want he, some want she

Some want him, some want her

Some it matters, some it doesn’t


Some want near, some want far

Some want close, some want distance

Some want hot, some want cold

Some want loud, some want quiet


Some want sex, some want love

Some want one, some a couple

Some want few, some can’t count

Some can trust, some you cant


Some want size, some want shape

Some want freedom, some want restriction

Some want up, some want down

Some want space, some want time


Some want short, some want tall

Some want plain, some want colour

Some want quick, some want slow

Some want over, some want under


Some want close, some want open

Some want night, some want day

Some want here, some want there

Some want pleasure, some want more


Some want dry, some want wet

Some want (un), some want attached,

Some want connection, some want intimacy

Some want casual, some want sincere


After you’ve thought about what you want? …….

Let Sophie know!


Remember to Keep & Stay SAFE


Phil Robinson

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