Intimacy During Lockdown

The current period is very hard at the moment for a lot of couples that live together. This could be that you may have kids around you all the time, being together all the time is causing friction or you just cannot find time for yourselves.

A healthy relationship needs hard work during lockdown. The reason that its harder is because you normally spend time away from each other, i.e. at work, out with friends etc. Finding time for each other is key. Several ways you can do this. I have listed some below. But hey, try working out what you need yourself.

Finding ‘Our Time’

This is where it starts, try setting a time between you that you will make it ‘your time’. Get rid of any distractions, put kids to bed, turn off mobile phones, TV’s, Computers and tablets. Do not be tempted to check your phone during ‘Your Time’.

Think about having a bath, by yourself or even with your partner. Look for fragranced bath salts. Remember this is not about sex. Its about building intimacy between you both.

Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea 697g Bath Salts
Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea 697g Bath Salts

Set a meal for yourselves, maybe set it on a table with candles. Turn the lights down low, put some romantic music on.

Why not light up some sensuous incense or fragrance.

Don’t let anything interrupt your time together. End up with a naked cuddle, nothing better than naked cuddles under a blanket on the sofa listening to romantic music.

Playing the ‘Love Game’

Setting these times to be intimate can be more pleasurable by playing the ‘Love Game’. From a simple deck of cards playing strip poker, to specialised board games and Role Playing games. We have several board games available to view.

Fifty Days of Play Naughty Adult Game
Fifty Days of Play Naughty Adult Game

Board games can introduce new and exciting new things to do. We have a load of board games that can excite you. Role play allows you to behave like you never had, you could play doctors and nurses, cops and robbers or maids and masters. The possibilities are endless. Check out the Fantasy Costumes

School Uniform, Skirt, Top And Neck Tie
School Uniform, Skirt, Top And Neck Tie

Massage More

Finally we move onto something that would get everyone worked up. The subject comes around to a full body massage. The idea is start at the feet and work your way up. Stay clear of genitals. Massage very close to your naughty bits without touching. You can massage breasts but nothing else. See if you can turn your partner on so that they cannot stand it anymore. Then when they are ready, DONT. Carry on doing the same. Check out our range of massage lubricants.

Shunga Massage Oil Stimulation Peach 240ml
Shunga Massage Oil Stimulation Peach 240ml

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