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Do you have a problem with your relationship? Sexual problems? Sexual health issues? Ask them here and I will answer. Be warned you may not like the answer.

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  • Someone asked:
    Dear Sophie. My husband works long hours. He is a bus driver and his shifts are all over the place. One week he could be on early mornings, the next he could be late nights. I get so horny just waiting for him to come home I end up pleasuring myself, but nothing compares to his penis penetrating me. How can I get him to come home horny for me.
    • Sophie replied:
      Hi Hun. This is an easy one. When you get horny just send him picture of your gorgeous body and let him know you want him. The fact that he cannot come home right away will kill him. Why not up your game over a period of time, start by being fully clothed and strip off every picture. Or you could put on some sexy clothing and a long overcoat and meet his bus somewhere on his route and when you get on, just give him a quick flash as you get on. We sell quite a range of sexy fancy dress costumes to up your game. Enter ‘VIRGIN’ at the checkout to claim 25% discount on costumes.
  • Someone asked:
    Hi, I have just found out that my husband of 12 years is having an affair. He doesn't know that I know yet, but I know the woman he has been seeing. She is a lot prettier than I am and slimmer. I am seething inside and don't know what to do. Please help.
    • Sophie replied:
      Oh hunny. I do feel for you. If I was you, behind his back start enjoying yourself even more. Perhaps even video calling him while having sex with your new love. But hey, you may find out that you love an open relationship and would like to start swinging. The possibilities is endless. If he doesnt like it then tell him to visit my site and get himself a masturbator. Using the code 'VIRGIN' at the check will get you a 25% discount on all products at the moment. Enjoy your self. Sophie
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